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From Seed to Soar

We are Growth Architects crafting success by cultivating every dimension of your vision.

Our mission

Empower audacious, entrepreneurial teams that craft revolutionary ventures in Interactive Media & Gaming, CleanTech, HealthTech and other emergent sectors by leveraging transformative technologies.






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Our presence in Luxembourg and India enables us to enhance our global vision with a glocal approach.


Who does Ovington Capital Partners invest in?2023-12-11T09:49:13+01:00

We invest in entrepreneurial teams who are working on ventures that leverage transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Internet of Things. We seek out strong, dedicated teams with a commitment to creating impactful solutions in Interactive Media and Gaming, CleanTech, HealthTech, Web 3.0 and other emergent sectors.

Is there such a thing as too early stage for Ovington Capital Partners?2023-12-11T09:49:34+01:00

We typically focus on pre-product, pre-revenue start-ups with a strong vision and a dedicated team. However, our evaluation process is holistic, ensuring that promising ventures receive consideration regardless of their specific stage.

Does Ovington Capital Partners invest in scale-ups and listed companies?2023-12-11T09:49:47+01:00

While our primary focus is on pre-product, pre-revenue companies, we remain open to exploring opportunities in scaling and established companies that align with our investment thesis.

How does Ovington Capital Partners foster collaboration within its entrepreneurial community?2023-12-11T09:50:05+01:00

We actively promote collaboration within our participated ventures by facilitating networking, knowledge-sharing, and mentorship. We believe in the power of cross-pollination of ideas and encourage an environment where entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and mentors can collaborate and learn from each other.

How can entrepreneurs connect with Ovington Capital Partners?2023-12-11T09:50:13+01:00

Entrepreneurial teams interested in collaborating with us can submit their business proposals through the contact form on our website. Our team carefully reviews all submissions before contacting promising ventures for further discussions. We encourage teams to provide a comprehensive overview of their ideas in a detailed pitch deck in PDF.

Meet our Growth Architects

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Marco Palacino

Marco Palacino is a Financier and Entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Economics of Financial Intermediaries from the prestigious Bocconi University. With a remarkable career spanning thirty years in Asset Management, Private Credit, International Real Estate and Venture Capital, he now acts as the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Ovington Capital Partners.

Profilo Gopi OK
Gopi Radhakrishnan

Gopi Radhakrishnan started his career as a Software Developer and Agile Project Manager at multi-national corporations in India such as PayPal. He later co-founded and led an e-commerce mobile app development company for six years. He is now an Investment Analyst at Ovington Capital Partners based in Luxembourg and brings his unique combination of technical acumen, entrepreneurial experience, and investment expertise.

Profilo Mohit OK
Mohit Mohan

Mohit Mohan graduated from SDA Bocconi School of Management’s International Master in Business program. His professional journey includes consulting and innovation roles in companies like EY and Nestlé. Mohit Mohan is now a Junior Investment Analyst at Ovington Capital Partners based in Chennai, India. He brings to this role his strong passion for startups, technology, and the interactive media and gaming sector.

Let’s work together

Whether it’s a question or a pitch, feel free to reach out via the contact form and we’ll get back to you at the earliest possible.

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